1. DPP-250DIII blister packing machine follows ergonomic design principles and is in accordance to the GMP and CGMP structure standards.
2. If there is an operational problem, the machine will automatically stop and display what the problem is.
3. Main motors of our DPP-250DIII blister packing machines are equipped with a variable frequency speed controller.
4. Modular-type work stations make the adjustment of work stations clear and easy.
5. A safety enclosure is provided to protect equipment and operators.

6. Independent moulds can be assembled and disassembled easily and conveniently.

1. Online detecting system
2. Photoelectric registration device
3. Chiller cooling system

Our DPP-250DIII blister packing machine can be widely used as tablet packing machine, capsule packing machine, and solid packing machines like candy packing machine and biscuit packaging machine.

Parameters of DPP-250DIII Blister Packing Machine

Maximum blanking frequencyAlu/ PVC: 50 time/min
Maximum working capacityAlu/ PVC: 200 blisters/min
Stroke≤130mm (according to customer's request)
Maximum forming area245x122mm
Maximum forming depth12mm (upon request)
Packaging materialPVC: 260x0.25(0.15-0.5)mm
PTP: 260x0.02mm
Power supplyFour wire three phrase 380V 50Hz (220V 60Hz)
Total power5.7KW
Power of main motor1.5KW
Air flow≥0.38m3/min
Dimension of machine(L*W*H)4200x650x1700mm

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