The DXD-280 flow wrapper is the shrink version of the DXD-580. The maximum film width is 300mm. It is an economic multi-functional HFFS wrapping machine.

Adopting the low film packing method, the DXD-280 flow wrapper is suitable for the packaging of piece parts, goods with water and other irregular products. The production capacity is 50-190 bags/min. The bag length is 150-450mm, and the width is 25-110mm.

Low film packing machine. The film covers the products from bottom to the top, this packing method can prevent small and loose parts from falling.
The low film packing machines produce packages with better air tightness. It can avoid the attachment of foreign matter on the vertical sealing position, and then avoids air leakage or tears.
Equipped with an automatic inspection device. The length of the packing bag can be adjusted in the packaging process.
Equipped with a rotating cutting head. The cutting operation and packaging operation proceed simultaneously, which improves production efficiency greatly.
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