The low pressure foaming machine mixes polyhydric alcohol and polyisocyanate materials through a motor that does not require a supercharging device. The motor has a relatively simple structure that operates with low cost.

This series of low pressure foaming machine is engineered for the preparation of flexible polyurethane foam plastics. This sort of material foam plastics features a porous structure with low density and good elasticity. The materials are often used for furniture cushions, mattresses, car seat padding, pillows, etc.


1. High-precision metering pump can achieve a highly accurate materials ratio and measurement error will not exceed ±0.5%.
2. The frequency conversion motor is used to adjust the flow and pressure of raw materials, so the precision is high, and the materials ratio adjustment is quick and simple.
3. a high-performance mixing device delivers high accuracy raw materials feeding with synchronous and even mixing. A brand new sealing structure is adopted. The cooling water circulation contactors are reserved for ensure long-term continuous production to avoid clogging.
4. The storage tank is a three wall structure with a stainless steel liner and an external insulation layer, and the interlayer is used for heating. The storage tank is temperature adjustable, safe, and energy saving.
5. A materials testing system can be added. It can be switched at any time when testing the raw materials. It will not affect the normal production and eliminates waste caused by faulty finished products.
6. PLC and touch screen systems are used to control the pouring equipment, automatic cleaning and air flushing, for stable performance and easy operation. When the equipment is operating in an abnormal manner, it will automatically diagnose, alarm, and display abnormal factors. Safety and productivity are improved thanks to these systems.
7. PLC system can be used to load more settings, such as automatic feeding, automatic alarm when there is no raw material, clean the mixing head and so on.

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