To achieve automatic cardboard and paper delivery, four corners pasting, paper gluing, auto conveyance, positioning, pressing, automatic box drawing and catching, wrapping and all the work done consecutively just in one time to achieve high speed production. It achieves fully automatic production via on-line operation of machinery, hydraulic, pneumatic and electronics systems, and so on. Increased production efficiency many times, innovated the conventional rigid paper box production, more than 30 times production efficiency was improved compared with traditional technology. This machine is widely used to making shoes box, shirt box, jewelry box, gift box, and other luxurious paper boxes.

  • Hot Melt automatic cycle, mixing, automatic viscosity-control series
  • The glue coating is evenly, thickness adopt mechanical tuning mechanism
  • Automatic correction using photoelectric hydraulic pneumatic mechanism, enables improved precision
  • Automatic collect box forming part adopt Guide rod, improved the precision.
  • Forming and folding mechanism adopts mechanical and electrical pneumatic to solve the whole folding ear, middle folding ear.
  • Forming and folding mechanism adopt mechanical and pneumatic together to achieve full fold into the high-end 100mm
  • After box forming, changing the mechanical mechanism to achieve twice bubble pressing.

1.The max and min size of the boxes are affect by those size of material and quality of material.
2.The detail production speed of this machine depend on several factors: raw materials, glue and the operator's skill.

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