The first and the second stations are applicable for double side die cutting, and at the same time, they are equipped with a waste material rewinding unit. The third die cutting station is used for sheeting and slitting printed materials.
A computerized web-guide system is installed in the front of printing unit. Thus, roll materials are kept in the right position during the whole printing process.
A conveyer system is optional. This system can be used in combination with the third die cutting station, and it functions to deliver finished products orderly.
Both the unwinding and rewinding units of our flexo printing machine are designed with automatic tension controllers. Flexo printing equipment with double rewinding unit is also available, upon request.
When the flexographic printing machine stops operating, the ink roller will automatically separate itself from the printing unit. In the meanwhile, the ink roller keeps running at a low speed to avoid ink drying.
A static image monitoring device is optional. It functions to inspect the image quality when the flexo printing equipment works at a high speed.
The main motor of our flexo printing machine is equipped with highly advanced variable frequency stepless speed controller.
Our flexo printing machine with tripe rotary die cutting stations is easy and simple to operate. It can finish material feeding, printing, varnishing, drying, laminating, die cutting, and rewinding, etc.

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