Our product adopts reciprocating paper feeding way, so printing can be finished by only one plate cylinder, regardless of the layout size. The servo control system can precisely control the servo motor that drives each printing unit, thus realizing optimal control of the printing machine. Ink supply changes proportionally with machine speed and moderate ink supply yields better printing effect. Machinery faults will be displayed on the computer screen, so users can see the fault position directly, which speeds up repairing. Equipped with cutting and other devices, this equipment can complete unwinding, printing, varnishing, die cutting, waste discharging, winding and other processes.

The machine body, gear, roller, and many other components of this Smart-320 intermittent rotary letter presses are meticulously designed and produced. High-quality cast iron is adopted as the raw material to make the body. After sand-casting, tempering, chroming and other processes, the body is durable. After quenching and fine processing, the gear has a high degree of precision, so it can guarantee accurate conjunction. Made of high-quality rubber imported from Japan, the roller has excellent rebound resilience. Configuration and operating speed of the ink roller have been strictly designed, thus preventing ghosting and ensuring excellent printing effect. Suction roll and ceramic spraying roll are used as the front and rear driving roll respectively, which improves the utilization of the printing materials. Equipped with a unique printing unit, this equipment also supports full rotary printing and the printing speed is increased. Nine printing colors can be realized and the resolution is 175LPI or more.

1 .Servo drive system
2 .Independent motor inking system
3 .Vacuum suction and paper feeding system
4 .Central control system
5 .Transverse and longitudinal overprint system
6 .Second pass system
7. Swap function of intermittent and full rotary
8. Unique structure of dual-use printing units
9 .Excellent ink transfer system

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