GF-A Series Dry Laminating Machine (80m/min)

 If our customers have a high demand for both velocity and power, they may prefer our GF-C or D series machine. 

Features of GF-A Dry Laminating Machine
1. The gluing and laminating processes take advantage of the dual motor, which allows the dual frequency to be varied synchronously, and also substitutes for the conventional shaft transmission structure.
2. The materials are conveyed smoothly, the linear velocity of which is synchronous.
3. Inside our dry laminating machine, the drying tunnel looks like a bridge. The heating system has three sections that can work independently at constant temperature.
4. During the gumming and laminating processes, the pressure roller is pneumatically controlled.
5. In view of different techniques, two different gumming methods are provided for option, including the blade type and the extrusion type.
6. The tension of both rewind and unwind can be controlled in use of magnetic powder.
7. The temperature control system can be divided into several sections, which allows the temperature to be controlled in the best condition.
8. The primary unwind unit adopts the automatic deviation rectifying system.
9. The secondary unwind unit of our dry laminating machine takes advantage of the double-station unwind system.

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