1. Gravure Printing Machine
    2. Gravure Printing Machine This AZJ-A gravure printing machine has begun to be sold by our company since inception. It is considered the most beneficial machine with its maximum printing speed up to 130m/min. Over the past decade, we have never stopped improving both service and product quality.
    1. Flexo Printing Machine
    2. Flexo Printing Machine This RZJ-A series flexo printing machine prints superbly with paper or plastic film. Its maximum printing speed reaches 150m/min. This machine adopts the flexible photosensitive resin and the rubber as the substrate. It depends on the anilox roller to transfer the ink, and the liquid ink is utilized to print the printing stock.
    1. Dry Laminating Machine
    2. Dry Laminating Machine This GF-A series dry laminating machine is first designed and developed by our company. It is currently the cheapest product with the maximum laminating speed of 80m/min. Our product has been in the market for 14 years. It is an ideal choice for those customers who want to purchase an economical and practical machine.
    1. Slitter Rewinder
    2. Slitter Rewinder This FQ-LB series vertical slitter rewinder is mainly applicable for the slitting of diversified material rolls, such as BOPP, PET, CPP, PVC, PE, aluminum foil, paper, and some others. During the material processing process, our product can slit materials, or cut the edge of these materials in compliance with different requirements. Its maximum slitting speed reaches 160m/min.
    1. Bag Making Machine
    2. Bag Making Machine This automatic high speed T-shirt bag making machine is used to produce a variety of bags, by sealing and cutting the natural colored or colorful, plastic film rolls which are made from PE or PVC material. These bags comprise the diapers, diaper bags, and other strengthened or ordinary packaging bags.
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