The BDK-380/30/20 high efficiency automatic strapping machine is suitable for pharmaceutical industry, food, tourism industry, IT industry and more. It can finish the strapping and packing of drugs, food, senior gifts, coins, IC card, IT edition and more. It can carry out both hard and flexible packaging.

  • The BDK-380/30/20 high efficiency automatic strapping machine uses a mechanical connecting rod driving mechanism, which is not only reliable but durable.
  • Users can set the parameters by display, and achieve control of packing tightness.
  • Strap threading during the operation is simple and convenient. The machine can achieve automatic strap feeding and retracting.
  • The equipment maintains a stable temperature during the heat sealing process, thus keeping energy consumption low.
  • Within a designated range, multiple strapping specifications in one machine can be set and adjusted, saving the customer money.
  • The equipment features a dual transition between manual and automated control, which customers can choose from based on their needs.
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