Custom Solution

Our main products include industrial automatic capsule filling machines, semi-automatic capsule filler, capsule polisher and so on. We can also customize capsule filling machines for customers. The range that our custom capsule filling machines can fill include: powders, pellets, tablets, fixed-number pellets, powders + pellets, powders + tablets, pellets + tablets and so on.

Why can we realize customizing?

R&D Department
Our company has an advanced R&D department which can independently research and develop new products and technologies. For some customers who have special requirements, our R&D department can customize programs and discuss the feasibility of the program according to their requirements, and then design and produce the products.

Parts warehouse
In the warehouse, our spare parts are sorted by category to facilitate convenient management.

Mechanical processing plant
In the pictures are automatic machine tools that we use for accessory production. This machine tools adopts computer control to optimize precision and efficiency.

Assembly workshop
WISELY has master workers with years of working experience. In the picture, they are installing and debugging the machine.

Packaging Workshop
Our products are fixed with wooden boards during packaging process, which can reduce unnecessary damage and facilitate easy transportation.

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