Gravure Printing Machine

    1. AZJ-A Gravure Printing Machine
    2. AZJ-A Gravure Printing Machine This AZJ-A gravure printing machine has begun to be sold by our company since inception. It is considered the most beneficial machine with its maximum printing speed up to 130m/min. Over the past decade, we have never stopped improving both service and product quality.
    1. AZJ-B Gravure Printing Machine
    2. AZJ-B Gravure Printing Machine Our AZJ-B gravure printing machine is designed on the basis of the AZJ-A series product, in keeping with different requirements of our customers. Though available with 7 motors, this high-speed computerized printing press still maintains a space-saving footprint.
    1. AZJ-C Gravure Printing Machine
    2. AZJ-C Gravure Printing Machine This AZJ-C gravure printing machine is identical to the AZJ-A series product in terms of its applications and performance. Different from the AZJ-A series machine, this series printing press comes with a compensation roller that moves up and down for easier, more accurate control. Therefore, the resulting print may be more impressive.
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