<span style="font-family:Times New Roman;">AZJ-B Series Rotogravure Printing Machine (150m/min)</span>   Its maximum printing speed reaches 150m/min. The last-color printing unit takes advantage of the height-increasing type drying oven, which can provide outstanding drying effect, allowing prints to dry fast and neatly.

Properties and Features
1. The main body of this series gravure printing machine is provided with variable frequency.
2. All control units of the automatic trapping system are respectively equipped with the microprocessor, which can rectify the deviation of the printed color accurately and rapidly.
3. Moreover, our gravure printing press utilizes the air shaft for both unwinding and rewinding.
4. A torque motor is applied to the rewinding process. Additionally, a double-station dancer roll system is adopted.
5. The unwinding tension is controlled by the automatic tension controller and the magnetic powder brake.
6. Even more beneficial, this printing press can display both linear velocity and meter readouts.
7. It can be equipped with the web video inspection system upon request.
8. A shaft-less device is used to install the printing plate.
9. Furthermore, our gravure printing machine is assembled with the hermetically sealed drying oven, the independent air supply and heating system, as well as the constant temperature control system.
10. It also adopts the pneumatic printing system as well as the pneumatic ink scraping system.
11. The membrane type pneumatic and automatic ink circulating system is also available.

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