The book cover case making machine uses push back paper feeding system, which adopts servo and pneumatic control. Positioning error can be automatically corrected. Besides, with air suction device and automatic leveling device at the end, the machine can avoid air bubbles and protect paper from bending. The automatic lifting platform helps to get ordered products. Touch screen is available to make operation easier. Thanks to the Omron PLC intelligent control system, fault detection is automatic, which lowers the waste of raw material.

As the rapid development of the printing and packaging industry, competition becomes more intense. Thus, our company established a research team. After introducing the advanced technology and studying the characteristics of the like products, we gradually improve the quality. Since 2006, we have successfully met diversecustomers' demands and produced the latest digital high-tech products. The QFM460/600 book cover case making equipment is a preferred choice in the packaging industry.

XINWEI MACHINERY is an automatic book cover case making machine manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a comprehensive range of products, including adjustable speed gluing machine, gift box notching machine, rigid paper box making machine, and more.

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