The automatic packaging cellophane overwrapper is suitable for the wrapping of pharmaceutical products, health care products, daily cosmetics, cigarettes, tea leaves, food and other large-scale or middle-scale boxed items.

  • The BT-400C-II automatic packaging cellophane overwrapper uses a cam to drive the connecting rod transmission mechanism. The cam is both reliable and durable.
  • It uses a stepless variable frequency conversion technology, and is equipped with a fully automatic PLC control system, in order to achieve heat sealing, reshaping, automatic temperature control and automatic feeding.
  • The touch screen displays a number of functions, including program settings, control operation, tracking display, final counting, emergency stop and more.
  • It is equipped with a front feeding conveyor belt, which makes it easy to assemble the packing line with front end equipment.
  • Within a designated range, multiple packing specifications in one machine can be set and adjusted, saving the customer money.
  • The overwrapping machine features a dual transition between manual and automated control, which customers can choose from based on their needs.

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