This packaging machine has a wide application range, packaging pharmaceutical products, stationary and other small consumer goods. It can be used and adjusted to change between products using different molds, all based on customer requirements, in just a short period. The installation and debugging is simple, and it is suitable for large scale production of a single object type, or multiple small products.

This cartoning machine retrieves packages from the storage area, opens the carton, packages the products, then seals the cartons all in a transmission series that requires no manual labor. It can be used individual, or as part of a production line with blister pack cartoning machine, hot melt glue cartoner and other devices.

1.This cartoning machine can automatically deliver materials, fold instruction booklet, open cartons, pack objects and instruction, seal packages and eliminate waste efficiently. It is also easy to operate.
2.This packaging machine has a stable structure and a low level of noise (less than 85dB).
3.It is controlled by PLC with a touch screen. The human-computer interface and user-friendly design make it easy and automatic to operate.
4.This cartoner uses an electro-optical tracking system to save the material. Empty packages will be checked under this system.
5.It can package a large range of items and the adjustment is very easy. Packaging of different sizes can be switched quickly.
6.While switching to packing different sizes of items, you only need to adjust the machine- there is no need to change molds.
7.The protection system will shut machines down when packed items do not arrive in the correct position, and there is an overload protection device for the main drive motor that is both safe and reliable.
8.This packaging machine can be equipped with an attractive, easy to use flip cover based on customer requirements.
9.It can be used in a production line along with aluminum plastic packaging machine, flow-pack wrapping machine, 3D packaging machine, bottling line, filling machine, labeling machine, inkjet printer, online weighing instrument and so on.
10.Automatic fitting and packaging can be completed according to requirements without manual work. This can save expenses of labor and increase production.
11.Hot melt glue cartoner can be applied to seal packages with hot melt glue and mechanic brush according to customer needs.
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