• This capsule filling machine is equipped with a secondary capsule outfeed mechanism, which prevents capsules from being mechanically crushed during the outfeed process.
  • We can achieve uniform distribution of medicine powders in the powder storage room, ensure the correct flow direction and smooth flow speed, and finally, achieve an extremely accurate medicine filling accuracy.
  • The integrated modular structure makes it possible for users to finish the machine assembly, using only 6 integrated modules, thus avoiding any assembly defects that result from poor operator handling.
  • The independent capsule conveying mechanism is fully enclosed, thus preventing capsules from unnaturally falling into segments, and ensuring normal system operations.
  • The NJP-3000D automatic powder dosing capsule filling machine uses an integrated modular and highly precise turntable, which is small in size, features a light load and a long service life.
  • A full set of molds and all components that need daily cleaning and maintenance are all equipped with positioning pins. The connection and fastening methods between various components are extremely light and simple. All the specifications of the fastening tools are of a unified standard, so that users only need a small wrench to carry out assembly/disassembly.
  • For some re-run that start after the mold disassembly or equipment maintenance, we offer a handheld remote control to control the inching and machine testing, which is convenient to operate and ensures personnel safety.
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