1. The mould of our JL-45A zipper extruder adopts the advanced 45 degree extrusion, and it is easy and convenient to be assembled and disassembled from the machine.
2. Our zipper extruder is equipped with the stainless steel storage tank.
3. According to the special demand of the material flow rate in the process of producing zippers, the charging barrel and screw of our equipment are made from high quality alloy steel, which is chrome plated, resulting in strong resistance to abrasive, extreme heat and deformation.
4. Our zipper extruder's motors adopt Panasonic frequency converters, well-known hard surface reducer and the torque motor reeling machine, which ensures our zipper equipment's stable performance and high production capacity.

Xinda Company is a China-based, professional zipper extruder manufacturer, approved by SIO9001:2008. Our products include zipper bag making machine (hot glue), color strip extruder (zip lock bag use), film blowing machine, and letterpress printer (flexographic printing machine), and more. They are all CE certified, and are well received by customers from German, America, Singapore, South Africa, Brazil, India, to name a few.
If you are in need of zipper extruder, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to providing complete service to you.

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