Grip Seal Bag Machinery

The series of grip seal bag machinery is specially designed for making zip lock bags, including film blowing machine, bag making machine, and printing machine. Moreover, color strip extruder and red line extruder are adopted for richer colors and wider application of the zip lock bags.

Made of PE, the zip lock bags are generally used as packaging bags in the industries of medicine, food, small components, and more. As a self-adhesive bag, the zip lock bag has a unique design, which allows easy opening from the outside, but not from within. With a special slider, the zip lock bag opens and closes freely. Therefore, the zip lock bag is a promising product in the packaging field.

    1. Film Blow Machine
    2. Film Blow Machine The film blow machine is used for heating, fusing and then blowing plastic granules into film. The zip lock bags that are made of film produced by our film blow machine has many advantages, such as superior barrier property, good fresh-keeping and moisture-proof performance, frost prevention, oxygen isolation, oil resistance, and more. Our film blow machine, which is used with the zip lock bag machine, is widely adopted for packing various products.
    1. Film Blowing Printing Machine (Ziploc Bag Use)
    2. Film Blowing Printing Machine (Ziploc Bag Use) 1. The film blowing printing machine is specially used for blowing film for printed zip lock bags. 2. With spiral die head, the machine completes forming of film and zippers at one time, and finishes printing before reeling the film. 3. The film blowing printing machine with 1-4 color printing can be tailor made for customers.
    1. Rotogravure Printing Press (Ziploc Bag Printer)
    2. Rotogravure Printing Press (Ziploc Bag Printer) Specially designed for printing zip lock bags, the rotogravure printing press, ASY300-1000 is also used for printing roll materials, such as BOPP, PET, PVC, PE and roll paper, to name a few. The number of printing couple for this combination rotogravure printing press can be adjusted according to users' specific needs, with printing on both sides accomplished at one go.
    1. Color Strip Extruder (Zip Lock Bag Use)
    2. Color Strip Extruder (Zip Lock Bag Use) The color strip extruder, which is used for making zip lock bags, is designed to work together with film blowing machine. Connected with the ziploc bag die head, the color strip extruder can achieve multiple functions to suit diversified needs of customers, such as water tightness, double zippers, optimum hand feel and beautiful design of zippers.
    1. Red Line Extruder (Minigrip Bag Use)
    2. Red Line Extruder (Minigrip Bag Use) The red line extruder, used for minigrip bags, is developed to work with film blowing machine for zip lock bags. It is connected with the ziplock bag die head and used for adding a red line onto the bags to make them more beautiful.
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