1.        Touch screen operation, Panasonic brand PLC control, with the function of photocell tracking, fixed-length ,automatic counting, automatic stop of material breaking off, alarming when the color-mark is lost , automatic stop until the sealing in the highest position.

2.        Adopt 2 sets of YASKAWA brand servo motor driving

3.        Driving system adopts 4 sets of YASKAWA brand frequency inverter and Siemens brand three-phase motor

4.        Printed bags tracking use SICK brand photocell switch

5.        Unwinding adopts air shaft, magnetic power brake control, with EPC control system.

6.        Equipped with punching device, water-cooling device, Taiwan brand pneumatic perforation device, bottom sealing device, can meet the various shaped bags production

7.        Adopt imported silica gel plate conveying

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