1. The PLC and touch screen control system is smart and simple. Temperature and flow rate are adjustable.
2. Using electromagnetic heating and heat-conduction oil circulation system to heat the raw materials results in a high efficiency, fast heating and no pollution of the heat conduction oil.
3. The feeding tube uses double wall metal pipe. The metering pump is wrapped in an insulated box without dead angles, ensuring raw materials remain at a constant temperature from the tank, all the way to the mixing head.
4. The mixing head uses the latest technology, and the conical mixing blade will not produce any bubbles when the polyhydric alcohol and polyisocyanate materials are stirred. The machine is also equipped with a vacuum device, which vacuums the raw material and eliminates any bubbles.
5. The equipment is equipped with a cleaning system, controlled by a single button.
6. The tank uses a 3 layer design with 2 inner layers. The innermost layer is circulated with heat conduction oil, while the outer layer is filled with PU rigid foam insulation.
7. A color paste control system can be added to the equipment. The color paste can be directly entered into the mixing device, and the color can be switched at any time. The mixing is uniform and accurate.

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