The automatic dressing pack packaging machine can finish bag making, material filling, marking, side sealing, slitting, cutting and conveying at the same time. With human-machine interface, it is characterized by automatic correction, photoelectric register, six temperature controllers, and free adjustment of sheet loading. The automatic dressing pack packaging machine emerges to end the history of manual packaging. With superior performance, and high technology content, it is ideal equipment for automatic plaster packing.

1. Programmable control
Our automatic dressing pack packaging machine utilizes PLC programmable controller for automatic programmed operation.
2. Touch screen display
The packing machine makes use of touch screen, which clearly displays the main machine speed, bag length set, actual bag length, compensation and output.
3. Self-regulation of bag length
The length of bags to be packed can be automatically set directly on the touch screen, which provides convenient and quick adjustment through computer program.
4. Bidirectional benchmarking compensation
The superior photo-electric color code tracking device, coupled with PLC computer program and bidirectional compensation mechanism, ensures automatic tracking, and rapid and accurate benchmarking.
5. Photoelectric correction
The photoelectric correcting device serves to make the bags in register, neat and beautiful.
6. Waste collection unit
Driven by magnetic powder, the automatic dressing pack packaging machine achieves equalization of strain for the packing materials and stable running of the machine.
7. Plaster automatic feeding
Suitable for plaster of different specifications, the automatic dressing pack packaging machine is able to automatically feed 1-5 pieces of plaster.
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