After the small packages of material are lifted by a lifter into the automatic counting device, the computer automatically integrates the pre-set quantity of the material and delivers the quantity to the bag packaging machine, which automatically bag off, seal and produce finish products. In a word, the full set of device is characterized by high degree of automation.

1. This SD8-200 automatic pouch counting and packing line is featured with easy operation, advanced PLC from Siemens, electric control system and user-friendly man-machine interface.
2. The automatic checking function of the product is used to check problems such as no bag opening, incomplete bag opening, no filling and no heat-seal. Besides, it also saves a lot of raw material and production cost.
3. The safety device induces the machine to stop under abnormal air pressure and this device also informs users of heater disconnection by giving alarms.
4. Easy Operation. The electrical motor and the control button are used to adjust respectively the width of the bags and the width of all clips.
5. The part which contacts the material is made of stainless steel which complies with the requirements of GMP.

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