The machine works continuously with mechanical pushing objects into carton with smooth and reliable working situation.
The object pusher comes with alarming system while the objects are not pushed correctly, it ensures the packaging quality and safety.
Continuous Carton opening system with Pulling style opening station makes machine working more stable and smoothly.
The machine adopts servo feeding system which makes the feeding more smooth and stable.
For ensuring machine running and operation safety purpose, the machine includes air pressure protection, vacuum system protection and cover opening protection.
Manual operating rotation wheel makes switch packaging sizes much easier and simpler. .
The speed is controlled by inverter while whole system are controlled by PLC and operating by touch screen for easier and simpler production, all machine running status are displayed by double language.

The machine comes with overload protecting function and trouble shooting function.


Max encasing speed

50-120 box/min


Quality Requirement


Dimension Range (L×W×H)



Quality Requirement

55-65 g/m2

Folded Leaflet Specification


Air Consumption


Motor Power

0.75kw 220/380V 50HZ

Machine Dimension (L×W×H)


Machine Net Weight

About 1500kg

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