In addition to the advantages of JL-45A zipper extruder, JL-45B zipper extruding machine also features:
1. Our JL-45B zipper extruder adopts the cast aluminum heating ring.
2. The filter net of the mould is designed in an integral type, resulting in easy disassemble and wash.
3. The winding part of our zipper extruder applies frequency conversion, so as to improve the quality and output of zippers.
4. JL45B zipper extruding equipment made some improvements on JL45A extruder. For instance, the former increases an automatic material suction device, dehydrating device, and standalone zipper sealing device, etc. on the basis of the latter.

Xinda Company is a China-based, professional zipper extruder manufacturer, approved by SIO9001:2008. Our products include zipper bag making machine (hot glue), color strip extruder (zip lock bag use), film blowing machine, and letterpress printer (flexographic printing machine), and more. They are all CE certified, and are well received by customers from German, America, Singapore, South Africa, Brazil, India, to name a few.
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