It makes all kinds of thin and open containers including a variety of disposable lunch boxes, fast food plates, instant noodle bowls, western food boxes, inner linings of food packing, ice cream cups, candy boxes, etc. It is widely used for medicine, toy, journal, textile, light industry, agriculture and so on.

1. The vacuum forming machine is a multi-station automatic machine, achieving continuous automatic procedures like feeding, forming, demolding, and cutting and stacking. The PLC control system makes the machine work more reliably.
2. It uses a double chain conveyor to make the feeding process stable and reliable. The width and length of required sheet can be adjusted accurately. It is fit for all kinds of molds (large depth) which can be changed easily and reduce wasting.
3. The vacuum forming machine has a heating system with upper and lower heaters that use infrared ray. The divisional temperature control system makes the heating process energy-saving and well-distributed.
4. The quenching system and water mist system are used to make the molds work continuously without a water-cooled system. It is especially used for non-metal mold.
5. The vacuum forming machine is equipped with a dual-shaft material loosing device, section-cutting system and stacking device to improve productive efficiency.
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