• The transmission mechanism has no springs or grooved cams, and the bearing does a rolling motion inside the groove, so that the movement mechanism accurately returns to its initial position.
  • It has a closed lubrication system, which can regularly and automatically lubricate various transmission mechanisms and extend the service life.
  • The self locking capsule filling machine carries up-down closing and fastening of capsule caps to the body of the filled capsule, thus avoiding capacity differences caused by the capsule from escaping the mold and leaking the drug inside.
  • The capsule filling machine has a 10.4 inch colorful LCD display screen.
  • The device can automatically alarm or stop operating when there is a capsule shortage, powder shortage, vacuum malfunction, dust absorption faults and machine door loosening.
  • This capsulefilling machine uses an SEW motor and Siemens electrical components. It includes the bearings and high-precision intermittent indexing box, which makes the performance of control mechanism and transmission mechanism more stable.
  • The operator can quickly finish equipment cleaning and mold replacement. During the cleaning process, various cleaning liquids can be filled to clean and disinfect the inner hole of the mold. All of these improve the qualification rate of capsules and reduce the difference in drug filling capacity.
  • The capsule fillingmachine and the motor are separately installed, making them safer and easy to clean.
  • It uses a dual air supply patented technology, which improves the success rate of capsule entering, and avoids the phenomenon of capsules escaping from the mold and the damaging of capsule bodies.
  • It uses an ultra-low workstation turntable design, which decreases the station movement inertia and abrasion of components, as well as extends the service life of the cam indexing box to ensure machine stability.
  • In the filling mechanism, we use a cam instead of a conventional lever, which increases the filling power and decreases the vibration and noise.
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