Four color flexographic printing machine is equipped with an auto counting device. This auto counting device counts the plastic length and will stop the machine when there are enough plastic bags which have been printed. And auto counting device also stop machines when there is no plastic bags on the printing machine. Printing rolls are controlled pneumatically and ink will be combined automatically when printing roll are lifted up and down. Anilox roller is installed and ink can be spread evenly. Frequency conversion technology is used to regulate speed, so printing of different speed can be possible. Advance drying system can prevent contamination when printing is completed and will be turned off automatically when the printing machine stops. Jogging button and stop button are installed on the basement of the template roll, so it is convenient to operate printing machine when template roll is installed. And four color flexographic printing machine also has advantages of smooth start and clear printing.

Main Technical Specifications
Model of MachineYT-4600YT-4800YT-41000
Max. Width of Substrate ( mm )600mm800mm1000mm
Max. Printing Width ( mm )560mm760mm960mm
Range of printing Length ( mm )191-1100mm191-1100mm191-1100mm
Max. Diameter of web ( mm )ф450mmф450mmф450mm
Printing Speed ( m/min )5-50m/min5-50m/min5-50m/min
Plate Thickness ( mm )2.38mm2.38mm2.38mm
Total Power ( kw )18.75kw18.75kw18.75kw
Weight of Machine ( kg )3000kg3500kg4000kg
Overall Dimensions ( L*W*H )( mm )4200×1600×2400mm4200×1800×2400mm4200×2000×2300mm

YT four color flexoraphic printing machine is an ideal printing equipment for packaging material manufacturers. Ink is transformed to template by means of ink fountain roller and anilox roller, and then is printed on the printing materials by means of printing roll. And this is the difference between flexo printing machine and rotogravure printing machine. Anilox roller, as a key component of printing machine, has a great influence on the printing quality. After years of hard working,our company develops a high quality anilox roller. And this ensures that we can produce high quality printing machines.

Zhuxin Machinery is a professional four color flexographic printing machine manufacturer based in China. Our company also offers transparent film packaging machine, three layer film blowing machine, food paper bag making machine, and more.

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