RZJ-A Series Flexographic Printing Machine for Paper/Film (150m/min)

Our flexographic printing machine is usually composed of the unwind unit, tension control unit, unwind drive, printing unit, drying unit, rewind drive, and the rewind unit, among others. Our product features a reasonable structure, high printing speed, and easy operation. It is very popular with printers in China.

Features of Flexo Printing Machine
1. The unwind unit is provided with a hydraulic lift. The 3″ lug type air shaft is used for material loading. Our product also comes with the automatic deviation rectifying device and tension control system. In addition, it is designed with the dust removal system and the warning system for changing materials. It can also stop working when cutting the paper.
2. The main motor of our flexo printing machine adopts the frequency control system. It is driven by the synchronous belt.
3. The unwind drive depends on the double rubber roller to clamp and transport paper. The pressure is controlled by pneumatic components. The tension is controlled by adoption of the taper, so as to guarantee the color registration precision.
4. The printing unit makes use of the ceramic anilox roller to transfer ink. A single blade is used to scrape ink off in the reverse direction. The ink-supply pump can supply the ink automatically.
Moreover, the anilox roller and plate roller adopt the pneumatic clutch. They can be separated automatically in the case of shutdown. The anilox roller is driven by a stand-alone motor, which can prevent the printing ink from drying on the roller surface, and then blocking dimples in it. The color register system can be operated automatically vertically, and manually horizontally.
5. The rewind driving unit also adopts two rubber rollers to clamp and transfer paper, and the pressure is controlled by pneumatic components. Furthermore, this unit is provided with the web video inspection system and multi-color detection system.

6. Inside our flexographic printing machine, the rewind unit is designed with the single-station hydraulic lift structure. The material is loaded by adoption of the 3″ lug type air shaft. This unit is driven by a motor. It is provided with the swing arm and floating roller, the closed-loop tension control system, as well as the stop system for cutting the material.

7. An independent drying system is internally installed with the short-wave infrared for heating and drying. Its temperature is adjustable. The externally built heater is able to supply hot air or cold air. The secondary return air can be utilized. The waste gas is discharged from the outlet, but the air blast discharging process is conducted by our customers.
8. This entire machine is controlled by the PLC system. Its working condition is input and displayed by means of the touch screen. Beyond that, our flexographic printing machine can realize both automatic meter counting and multi-point speed regulation functions.

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