In order to improve the tensile strength, air tightness and moisture resistance of the substrate, mainly polyethylene and polypropylene as raw materials, it is an ideal equipment for producing packaging materials such as cement, chemical products, feed, grain, tarpaulin and waterproof paper.



Laminating Width


Laminating Thickness

8~20 ㎡

Laminating Line Speed




Roller Effecive Length


Die Head Length


Max Dia Of Un/Rewinder


Un/Rewinder Paper Croe Inner Dia


Installed Power


Rated Voltage


Air Source Requirement


Cooling Power


Ambient Temperature


Machine Weight


Machine configuration :(main part description)
1.0 unwinding device
2.0 corona treatment device (optional: additional $2950 )
3.0 extruded composite part
4.0 automatic edge cutting device
5.0 extruder device
6.0 rewinding device
7.0 control unit
8.0 automatic point matching
9.0 supporting facilities (optional: chiller and $4420 , air compressor and $2210, boom and mixer)
10.0 preheating device
1.0 unwinding device:
Double station unwinding, single person operation, safe and reliable. Automatic deviation correction, automatic tension control, according to the size of the coil can be directly input diameter, substrate thickness parameters, memory of the number  of changes in the substrate rotation, proportional decline, achieve automatic tension control.
1.1 double-station feeding rack
1.2 bearing pneumatic release reel
1.3 double station film placing frame specifications:
A maximum discharge diameter 1500mm B put the film maximum 1200mm
C air expansion axis 74mm
D maximum bearing capacity of the inflation axis 800kg E tension control accuracy +0.2kg
F magnetic powder motor 20kg
J photoelectric rectifying actuator stroke 200mm
2.0 corona treatment device
2.01 spark power (electronic type 6kw)
2.02 Frame and guide roller;
2.03 Corona processor: power 3kw, (can be installed before composite seat)
characteristics :
2.04 Domestic advanced electronic impact machine, this impact machine USES
double punching machine, ensure the film degree, ozone discharge device automatically discharged ozone.
Note: in addition to the one necessary corona machine, sometimes, according to the production of different products can be added to the distribution of airsickness, such as after the aluminum foil unwinding or before rewinding, need to be provided by both sides when determining the configuration of the production line.
3.0 extrusion compound device
3.01 Three - roll film - pouring composite mechanism, back - pressure roll to make the compound cots uniform and firm.
3.02 Stripping silicone roll: the composite product is easy to peel off from the cooling roll.
3.03 The composite roller is driven by a variable frequency motor. Equipped with encoder dual drive closed-loop control, high synchronization accuracy.
3.04 Compound roll, winding speed synchronous automatic tension.
3.05 Compound feed adjusting roller: can effectively overcome the defect of uneven film thickness.
3.06 Cylinder buffer floating roller tension detection, precision positioner feedback.。
3.07 7.5kw high precision hard tooth surface reduction motor (domestic famous guomao) 2 sets
3.08 7.5kw vector frequency conversion controller 2 sets 3.09Rotary water joint :(2 pieces in 2 inches; 1.5 inches 4) or 6
3.10 characteristics:
3.11 the composite part adopts high precision hard tooth reducer to drive, the transmission is stable, the vibration is small, the noise is small, so as to ensure the composite precision。
3.12 the cooling roller adopts mirror surface, which can effectively eliminate the bubbles generated in the process of compounding, making stripping fast, compounding flat and bright。
A mirror roller diameter is distorted 700x and face length is H900mm
B spiral double layer inner single structure, short inlet to outlet temperature difference ±1°C
C. Thickness of chrome plating on the outer surface: 0.15mm, D shape polishing accuracy: 0.1um
E hardness: 60Rockwellc
3.13 the spiral cooling structure is adopted for the silica gel roller and the composite cooling roller, with fast cooling speed and easy to form the salivation film.
3.14 rotary water joint adopts domestic advanced sealing structure, which can effectively prevent water leakage and has a long service life. Meet the requirements of different thickness of salivation products, and ensure uniform thickness.
4.0 edge cutting device:
Pneumatic edge cutting device with sharp blade, smooth cutting knife and neat trimming
Pressure cutting circular cutter with adjustable 3-axis
Trapezoidal rack transverse adjustment device, change the cutting width;
Automatic cutting edge equipped with sensors to automatically change the cutting edge width.
The diameter of the 120mm cutter roller, the surface of the special hardening treatment, will not produce cutting marks.
4.05 suction side of ear material of high pressure blowing fan, quick suction side material (power 1.5kw) and 1 set of pipe.
4.06 equipped with 4 rolls back cold cutting roll, better shape so that the material does not curl deformation.
5.0 extruder assembly and construction
5.01 hanging extruder:
Driving distance: 2 sets of 1600mm electric drive Material: 20A i-section steel
Vehicle motor: 0.75kw
5.02 hanger-type die head (taizhou hongleidie), effective width of die head 1000mm hanger-type runner structure, retaining structure can adjust the width, minimum 300MM. Die head heating 3 areas of independent temperature control heating method heating power: 5 groups x5kw = 25kw, 
5.03 automatic feeding device, vacuum dryer (zhejiang construction) domestic famous brand
A. Automatic constant temperature and hot air drying, B volume: 120L,
C with constant temperature preheating function, power 5kw
D. One set of missing material alarm device
5.04 Domestic leading hydraulic rapid automatic net changing device. Can effectively filter impurities, shut down quickly cut off melting material, reduce melting material waste, effectively save cost, can not shut down to change the network.
A materials: SCr4 and SUS
B heating tube heating, heating power 3kw, heating control area 3. C 130 net changer with double hydraulic station.
D hydraulic pump and oil circuit assembly 1 set of 5.04 domestic leading hydraulic rapid automatic net changing device. Can effectively filter impurities, shut down quickly cut off melting material, reduce melting material waste, effectively save cost, can not shut down to change the network.
A materials: SCr4 and SUS
B heating tube heating, heating power 3kw, heating control area 3. C 130 net changer with double hydraulic station.
D. One set of hydraulic pump and oil circuit assembly E head pressure regulating mechanism 1 set
E head pressure regulating mechanism 1 set
5.05 before and after the main walking machine can be adjusted, lifting distance: ±40mm
5.06 the connection area of the cartridge is all made of ceramic heating plate (yancheng, zhejiang), a famous brand in China
5.07 High precision hard tooth plastic extrusion professional reducer (jiangsu Thailand MAO) domestic famous brand
5.08  the temperature is independently controlled in 4 zones of the feeding barrel heating. The heating power of a single feeding barrel is: 4 groups of x8kw=32kw; the heating power of 3 zones of the die head heating is independently controlled and the heating power in 3 zones is :3 groups of x5kw=15kw; the heating power of tee and connector is: 4.2kw. Standard with zhoushan ordinary screw, optional specifications:
A screw (zhejiang jinxing) 95
B helix length-diameter ratio: 30:1
C double alloy hardness: HRC56° ~ 65° (the alloy USES nickel base alloy
D. Tempering hardness: HB240° ~ 280 E nitriding hardness: HV850° ~ 1000
F nitriding depth: 0.45 ~ 0.7mm nitriding brittleness: ≤ 2 G surface roughness: Ra0.4
H screw straightness: 0.015mm
I hard chrome degree of surface plating after nitriding: HV≥900HV G chrome plating thickness: 0.05 ~ 0.10mm
K alloy depth: 0.8 ~ 2.0mm
5.09 two 18.5kw extrusion frequency conversion motors
6.0 rewinding device
6.01 the use of high precision hard gear reducer transmission, tension detection transmission stable, small vibration noise, so as to ensure the stability of rewinding.
6.02 the surface rewinding device (double station) will change the rewinding without stopping.
6.03 Double section discharging arm, more safe. 6.04Specifications:
A the maximum rewinding diameter is 1450mm
B. Paper core size: 76-80mm
C surface coiling roller, high precision hard chrome karmic roller 555mm D 7.5kw high precision hard tooth surface reduction motor 1
E the rewinding reel compacts the cylinder 100mm F floating roller buffer cylinder 63*75mm
G two air expansion axes for winding
7.0 control unit
7.01 extrusion heating cabinet, digital temperature display, e-type heating couple collection temperature, temperature difference ±1°
7.02 feeding control cabinet, A and B axis non-stop switch, manual automatic function.
A tension controller (Taiwan lixun) 1 set of magnetic powder motor, tension sensor B set of electronic rectifying device (chongqing dongdeng)
C one set of automatic cloth changing control
7.03 film release control cabinet. The standard tension is manual control, manual deviation correction and manual film change.
A tension controller (Taiwan lishun) 2 sets
 B electronic rectifying device (chongqing dongdeng) 2 sets C two sets of automatic cloth changing control
7.04 host control cabinet, synchronous control system of the whole machine, real-time monitoring of parameters, safer and easier control.
A can control the speed of the main machine and the compound machine at the same time. The extrusion speed increases and decreases with the speed of the main machine and increases or decreases proportionally to ensure the film thickness remains unchanged
B. Working conditions such as tension, speed and alarm 10 inches touch screen display, PLC control.
C host from the release to rewinding are equipped with safety emergency stop button and deceleration button to ensure safety.
D all low-voltage imported electrical appliances.
7.05 Cutting edge control cabinet
7.06 Rewinding control cabinet
8.0 automatic point matching
9.0 supporting equipment (parameters)
9.01 chiller 18P
9.02 air compressor 5.5kw
9.03 mixer 250KG
10.0 preheating device

10.1 other devices
A pneumatic components: all adopt Taiwan yade
B. The tension of the buffer floating swing roller of cylinder is checked out, and the precision positioner gives feedback. C composite roller can be installed in anti - adhesion high temperature belt
D guide roll: all use dynamic balance aluminum guide roll: 100-140*900mm
11.0 random tools

Mold cleaning tools (9 pieces of flat plate, 9 pieces of triangle and 3 pieces of mold cavity)

21 pieces

Box wrench 5.5-27

1 set

Hexagon socket wrench 3-17

1 set

Stay wrench 8-10

1 set

Adjustable wrench 200,375

Each 1 piece

6# magnetic batch one word, cross

Each 1 piece

4# magnetic batch one word, cross

Each 1 piece

8# wire pliers, needle-nosed pliers

Each 1 piece

5M measuring tape

1 piece

Inflation shaft air gun

1 piece

Buyer's workshop environment
1. The workshop area is > 200 ㎡, the ground level is less than 50mm, the space height is > 2.8m, and the hoisting capacity is > 1.5t.
2. The cross-sectional area of the power line is > 50 ㎡, the power supply voltage is 380-440vac +N+ ground line, and there is an independent control power switch cabinet.
3. Install chiller lines and water sources.
4. Install the air compressor and pipeline, the air pressure: 0.8 mpa gas storage capacity: 0.5 ㎥ >.
5. Provide test materials.。

Payment terms:
After the contract is signed, the deposit will be 50%. Money to production. Pay off the balance of 50% yuan before delivery
J after-sales service and maintenance:
After negotiation, party b shall bear the cost of food and accommodation for the debugging personnel. The free warranty service period of the equipment is one year. Party a shall be responsible for the personnel expenses caused by the equipment technical problems requiring party a's on-site services within one year. If the defective equipment causes party b to be unable to produce normally, the equipment may be replaced after negotiation. The ownership of the equipment shall be owned by party a before the payment of the equipment is settled, and the equipment shall not be modified without party a's consent. Free installation, on-site debugging and technical training are provided in China. The buyer of overseas installation, on-site debugging and technical training needs to be responsible for round-trip air tickets, accommodation and transportation expenses and wages of the technicians, each of which is usd 100 / day.
H liability for breach of contract
1. During the production process of party a, if party b has major changes or changes
to the equipment technology and technical requirements, natural disasters or transportation accidents that affect the delivery date, both parties shall solve the problem through friendly negotiation or change the contract in written form.
2. Party b shall ensure the normal installation of party a's equipment, and party b shall be held responsible if it causes party a to fail to install the equipment without any reason, thereby affecting the installation schedule of party a.
I matters not covered herein shall be settled by both parties through negotiation, and any change to the contract shall be subject to the agreement of both parties. This contract shall come into force upon being signed and sealed by both parties, and shall terminate upon completion of the performance of rights and obligations of both parties. If the negotiation fails, the contract dispute shall be settled by the local court of party a.
G this contract is made in duplicate and shall be returned by fax or electronic document or picture with the buyer's signature and seal.

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