1. This machine has the functions of edge folding, bottom folding, thermal bonding, spots breaking, perforating, welding and scalding, and hot cutting, etc.
2. Our zipper bag making machine adopts advanced computer control system, LCD displaying and servo driver. It can cut off zipper and film, automatically alarm and stop working.
3. Photoelectric deviation-rectifying and magnetic powder tension control are applied to the process of edge folding.

XINDA, as professional manufacturer of grip seal bag machinery and zipper machine, has been approved by ISO9001:2008. Our products, like zipper bag making machine and zip lock bag extruder, and more, are all CE certified. They are exported to German, America, Singapore, South Africa, Brazil, India, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines, to name a few.
We are located in Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, where we have access to convenient transportation by sea, land and air. As a result, our purchasing cost is greatly reduced, as well the shipping fees for our customers.

If you are interested in our zipper bag making machine, please feel free to contact us for a consultation at Xinda. We look forward to providing good service to you.

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