1. Paper Cup Machine
    2. Paper Cup Machine JBZ-22D middle speed paper cup forming machine adopts the latest technology to make it energy-efficient, economical and durable. The shape is exquisite and the molds can be changed. SiNi will strive continuously to pursue the excellence in science and technology innovation. This paper cup forming machine adopts open cam design, automatic oil lubrication system and PLC control system to improve the machine function and performance.
    1. Paper Bowl Machine
    2. Paper Bowl Machine Based on ordinary paper cup making machine, our JBZ-30D middle speed paper cup or bowl forming machine is improved on its mechanical strength and stability effectively. Through silicon oil lubricating, bottom punching, heating, knurling, curling and cup discharging, this paper bowl forming machine is able to make drink cup with single or double side PE coating, ice cream cup and other tapered containers.
    1. Paper Cup Inspection Machine
    2. Paper Cup Inspection Machine Cup rim detection requirement: detecting the size, unstuck rim, stain, broke, curl Cup bottom detection requirement: detecting the size, bottom sunken, broke, stain, hole, bottom fall, bottom penetrate and yellow pressure-sensitive adhesive
    1. Paper Cup Sleeve Machine
    2. Paper Cup Sleeve Machine This paper cup sleeve and closing machine is designed and manufactured according to market demands. It is used to produce corrugated cups, double-wall cups, and more. Various tasks can be carried out, including auto paper feeding, glue spraying, sealing, photocell monitoring, fault alarm, etc.
    1. Die Cutting Machine
    2. Die Cutting Machine Using automatic die-cutting technology, this high speed punching machine can perform direct paper punching through rolled paper cutting, die cutting and waste clearing. By eliminating the conventional slitting procedure, it greatly saves energy consumption, labor cost and work intensity.
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