1. Fully Automatic Non-woven Bag Making Machine
    2. Fully Automatic Non-woven Bag Making Machine This machine is our newest fully-automatic non-woven bag making machine. It uses environmentally-friendly non-woven fabrics as a raw material. The equipment features optical electrical and ultrasonic bonding technology to quickly and efficiently produce all of your packaging. The finished bags compared to common bags are more aesthetically pleasing and much stronger. They are widely used in clothing, footwear, and gift packaging bag production.
    1. Semi Automatic Non-woven Bag Making Machine
    2. Semi Automatic Non-woven Bag Making Machine The semi-automatic non-woven box type bag making machine is designed according to market research of ordinary bag makers. We made a large number of improvements and our equipment is significantly more efficient and effective.
    1. Plastic Bag Making Machine
    2. Plastic Bag Making Machine This heat sealing plastic bag making machine is designed for the production of vest bags, flat bags, packing bags, etc. The machine uses a computer control system where you can preset your requirements and let the equipment operate at maximum efficiency, reducing waste and saving you money. The material is fed automatically and will shut down immediately when the roller is out of material.
    1. Blown Film Machine
    2. Blown Film Machine Our blown film machine features an extruder, cylinder and screw rods madefrom high quality alloy steel to maximize operating precision. The speciallydesigned screw allows for quality plasticizing, helping to increase productioncapacity. The film blowing line can handle plastic films, such as low
    1. Printing Machine
    2. Printing Machine This machine is suitable for printing on packing materials, such as polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) film, cellophane, and roll paper. This is also used as printing equipment for the production of paper packing bags for food, supermarket bags handbags and clothes bags.
    1. Slitting and Rewinding Machine
    2. Slitting and Rewinding Machine This machine is designed for precision slitting and rewinding various roll materials, such as PP non-woven, BOPP, PET, CPP, CPE, PVC, aluminum foil and paper. These materials can then be further processed into bags and other products.
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