Quality Control

Tianye Plastic Machinery Company is a professional plastic bag making machine manufacturer in China. In quality control, we strictly follow the ISO9001:2000 standard. To further improve the quality of our products, we conduct a series of measures.

1.Our company offers professional training to our employees periodically so as to help them form product quality consciousness.
2.We re-examine the product design to improve the process flow at source and save raw materials.
3.In terms of raw materials control, we ask suppliers to offer test reports, and only sign the supply agreement with those qualified suppliers, which can also ensure we can get a reasonable price.
4.Meanwhile, we conduct a series of inspection activities, such as job exchange inspections, inspection and acceptance in various steps of production, etc.
5.According to product characteristics, quality control department divides the working process into phrases and set quality control point for timely control.
6.The quality problems of product can be implemented to specific working steps, even personnel.
7.For the products that have quality problem, we will periodically check and solve the problem.
8.Our design personnel participate in the design step of big orders.
Thanks for your visit. We are mainly engaged in the design, manufacture and sales of PP woven bag production line, PP woven bag machine, valve bag machine, and other machinery. Apart from mature management system, we also import some advanced inspection and production equipment, which realizes mass production and greatly improves the production efficiency. With the features of high efficiency, simple operation, energy saving, and reasonable price, our plastic bag making machines are very popular in the international market. For more information about our products, please click product page, or contact us directly! We at Tianye Company will do our best to serve you.

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