1. Tape Extrusion Lines
    2. Tape Extrusion Lines Tianye’s SJ-FS5.5 tape extrusion line use PP and HDPE as raw materials to produce circular or shaped tapes through heating, extruding and stretching. The tapes are wound using the winder, then transferred to the circular loom for weaving.
    1. Circular Loom
    2. Circular Loom Tianye provides a wide range of high quality circular looms, including 4, 6, or 8 shuttles for weaving tubular or flat PP/HDPE fabrics.
    1. Coating and Laminating Lines
    2. Coating and Laminating Lines The innovation series laminating line uses PP or PE for single/dual sided laminating or paper-plastic laminating to produce two-in-one or three-in-one plastic products. The whole process, including substrate feeding, laminating and rewinding, is controlled using advanced electrical and mechanical devices, with a processing speed up to 120m/min.
    1. Printing Machine
    2. Printing Machine The woven bag printing press is ideal for printing on PP and PE woven bags, and is capable of performing quality printing of characters and patterns in 4 simultaneous colors through photoelectric control.
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