Tape Extrusion Lines

    1. SJ-FS5.5 Tape Extrusion Line
    2. SJ-FS5.5 Tape Extrusion Line Tianye’s SJ-FS5.5 tape extrusion line use PP and HDPE as raw materials to produce circular or shaped tapes through heating, extruding and stretching. The tapes are wound using the winder, then transferred to the circular loom for weaving.
    1. Tape Stretching Line with Tape Winder
    2. Tape Stretching Line with Tape Winder Tianye offers a comprehensive range of tape stretching lines with a tape winder for the production of high quality PP/HDPE tapes for a wide range of applications. Our tape stretching line is available in an output range of 500 Kg/Hr to 650 Kg/Hr.
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