Main performance and structural characteristics:

1. The labeling function is optional for the equipment.

2. Plate heating: shorten the heating time, protect the molecular structure of PVC, save energy, in emergency, the heating plate opens automatically to avoid overheating of PVC. Material: Aluminum injection adopts stainless steel heating tube with anti-sticking coating on the surface.

3. Molding device: Punch moulding is used to ensure uniform thickness and smooth straightness of bubble cover. Die material: aluminium alloy.

4. Heat Seal: Using supercharged cylinder, the cylinder avoids excessive pressure, which leads to overload of equipment. When the machine stops, the heat seal plate rises automatically to avoid overheating of packaging.

5. Travel traction: Servo chain clamping traction (to avoid unstable travel caused by heating and contraction of plastic sheets), digital adjustment of different travel lengths, accurate and convenient

6. Cutting: punch-shear type, 25 times/min material: Cr12 bearing steel;

7. Variable Speed: Inverter has stepless speed regulation and automatic overload protection function.

8. Program control: (1) Adopt imported PLC and touch screen (HMI) unified programming controller. PLC source: Schneider; (2) Automation;

9. Alarm function: plastic (PVC) and paper cards used up early warning;

10. Set up emergency shutdown switch, which is safe and convenient.

11. Waste device: automatic scrap coiling;

12. The machine can also be separated, easy to transport, double extended working face, easy to clean and close.

Main Technical Parameters



Cutting frequency




Max.forming area


Max.forming depth


Width and thickness of

PVC, PET270xO.15-0.45mm

Thickness of paper card


Power supply

380V/5OHz,  13KW

Capacity of air compressor


Overall size





Paper card device

Heat Sealing and Punching


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